Earn $10 for each device and $50 for lots!

We are an electronic gadget recycling vendor, and we accept over 8,000 devices internationally. We pay via Paypal and Amazon. We provide offers based on prices from eBay!

Provide your unique link to your buddies via Facebook, Twitter, or on forums, and it will be recorded. Every successful item that your friend sends to us will give you $10 USD cash.(Only in UK and US). For those who sell more than 5 gadgets (enterprise recycling), the referrer can get $50 cash after the process is done.


Earn money in only 5 minutes!

1. Sign up for an account on Tickleweed
2. Copy your unique referral link (it will be sent to your email and shown at the bottom of this page)
3. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and on forums. Send it as a message to your friend.
4. Remind your friend to ship the gadgets.
5. We will make payment to you after their gadget is shipped.

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