February 05

How to trade-in MacBook

trade in macbook

When Apple releases a new device – may it be MacBook or iPhone – some people naturally get that burn to upgrade. Be it just a thing to be up to date with the latest release in the tech world, or there is something that caught your eye and you just got to have it.But here is the problem: you already paid a huge amount of money for your current MacBook when you bought it, and Apple is heavy when it comes to pricing its products. So what can an Apple user do to upgrade? It's simple: Sell the old one and add the rest of the price to the money you got for it, then go and buy the new one.Or you can just trade-in your MacBook! While Apple offers no trade-in program for MacBook the way it does for iPhones, there are other companies that do, such as Tickleweed , and your priority when you trade-in the MacBook is to get the best price possible to help you decrease the price difference between the old machine and the new one.Now here are some points that you should do when you think to trade-in your MacBook:

1. Know your hardware:

That's an obvious one. When you sell something you normally know its specs, but just in case you are not sure you can click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your Mac, which will bring up a drop-down menu. Pick the top option, which reads: About This Mac, this will get a window that will offer up all of the information you might need.

find mac hardware

2. Clear your personal data:

Now this will take some time, but you don't want to sell your MacBook and suddenly find out that the anyone could access your files, personal data/images .. etc. So, before you decide to trade-in your old mac, make sure to sign out of iTunes, iCloud and iMessage, then Erase and reinstall OS X (by getting to the disk utility and erasing your built-in hard disk then choosing reinstall OS X from the macOS utilities window and following the instructions) .

erase mac data

3.Include the original accessories:

The original charger, extension cord, and box… Etc.

macbook accessories

4.Include images of your machine:

Ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words"? Yes, it applies here, too.

macbook imagemacbook image

5.Do your research

To get the best deal for your trade-in, knowing the market value of your machine will help you greatly when upgrading to the next generation. That's why you should know your MacBook model (Number- year of release – specs .. Etc). You can find the model number on the bottom of your system info, or on the box it came in, once you get the number, head to Apple's Tech Specs page to get the full details regarding your model.

used macbook trade in

Tickleweed is your trade-in destination

You will get a lot of benefits using our trade-in service here in tickleweed, aside from recycling old laptops or even accepting broken ones, when you choose tickleweed you are choosing a reliable company that many people sell their machines on, and get the extra amount of money that will help them to buy a new one.What this means is, instead of posting your laptop for sale and waiting a buyer, you can  send your laptop to the company and get money at once, so that you could get your new laptop as soon as possible.So, if you have a MacBook you’d like to trade-in, tickleweed is the right place to do so.


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