October 19

The WEEE Recycle Electronics Ltd is now moving to Tickleweed

The WEEE Recycle Electronics Ltd is now moving to Tickleweed. We are still providing the best recycling services for all. We now accept Apple devices, Laptops, PC parts, etc. Please make the quote online now to recycle your gadgets.

At Tickleweed we offer a full and comprehensive recycling service for all gadgets. We can responsibly recycle all your gadgets including cell phone, laptops, etc.

We offer peace of mind with a fully licensed treatment facility and fleet, full documentation and a guarantee that all goods will be disposed of responsibly and securely.

Full Documentation

At Tickleweed we provide a full and transparent audit trail from the collection to the disposal of your goods. We also complete and submit all hazardous waste documentation to the relative authorities and provide destruction certificates for confidential waste on request.

Whether you need a single service or if you are looking for a contracted Tickleweed recycling service Tickleweed can offer highly competitive rates.

For more information about our services or if you need a non obligated quote please contact Tickleweed(info@tickleweed.com).

At Tickleweed we offer a full recycling service for computers, we can dispose of all computing hardware whether it be a standard tower, monitors, servers, laptops or components. We break down computers into smaller parts which can then be sent to registered plants for disposal or re-used as spares. We ensure hard drives are destroyed in a correct manner to protect any personal data that was stored on them and that hazardous materials are dealt with in a responsible way.

At Tickleweed you can depend on us to meet your companies needs, we will provide full documentation for the recycled goods, accept deliveries from your company or arrange a competitively priced pick up service and we ensure all of your personal data is kept safe.

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